Every Device Will Die Eventually. Here’s How to Shop for a New One More Sustainably.

After speaking with sustainability experts and people working at tech companies to make their products more sustainable, we have six simple tips to help you make the best choice you can.

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Tech companies make so many claims about how environmentally friendly their devices are—throwing around terms like “ocean-bound plastics” or “carbon neutral”—that assessing those factors’ importance while also choosing the best device for your needs can feel overwhelming.

And every gadget has an environmental impact. Most of that impact comes from the raw materials that are extracted from the earth and the energy used to turn those materials into a device that you can use. There are also the impacts of shipping it to you, the effects of using it daily, and what happens to a device when it becomes e-waste.

No matter how well you treat your phone or laptop, eventually you will need a new one.

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